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Bugs - upload new trade item (3)

  Most recent comment made on Thu, Oct 9 - 14:51 CDT: Kirsten. Please retest.

Manga collection (1)

  Discussion posted on Sat, Dec 29 - 23:03 CST: Im just wondering how big everyone's collections are? It seems this place is kind of dead except a few people with huge collections :p Anyhow I'm around 4000 volumes now .. I'll have a more specific number once we buy three more bookshelves to get it all up off the floor :/

MySQL errors :( (1)

  Discussion posted on Sat, Oct 20 - 8:09 CDT: I keep getting this error when I go to view my trades" Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in C:\www\\trademsg_detail2.php on line 211"

The BETA version of mangatude 2.0 is now live! (3)

  Most recent comment made on Sat, Jun 12 - 3:04 CDT: is there a way to fix the search so that if you type in part of the words it will still pick up items on the mt site? example: theres a peacemaker dvd boxset someone writes as their headline "Peacemaker Kurogane DVD vol. 1-2 + collector's box" but when typing "peacemaker box" in the search it shows that theres 0 results for the search (its on the home page of mt so im using it as an example).