Welcome to mangatude 2.0 (BETA) !

Contributed by: mangatude on Sun, October 7, 2007 / 7:10pm CDT

around mangatude : News : Welcome to mangatude 2.0 (BETA) !


We still do trading but now we do a lot more!

The new mangatude 2.0 will now allow you to create communities based on whatever you choose. A community can be based on your favorite anime/manga or be used as a personal blog. You can add posts, video posts, discussion topics, or upload image sets. For an example of what you can do visit either of the communities I’ve set up: around mangatude, a community that will have news, the FAQ, and other happenings around mangatude, or I’ll CKBC, a site dedicated the manga/anime I’ll CKBC. There will be news, links, and scanlations there.


 No worries – the trading is still there. In fact, we’ve added new categories to help you find what we are looking for – Manhwa, OEL, and Other Graphic Novels are now category types you can use. We’ve also added a language category when you upload trades. (Thanks to ashez2ashes for the suggestions!)


 And, last but not least, we’ve added the ability to upload multiple avatars. So, whenever you are sending a message to someone, be it in a trading conversation, a post, or on their profile, you can choose which of your uploaded avatars you would like to use.

 As this is the BETA version, any problems, comments, or suggestions can be sent to me at this email or in my profile or in the new around mangatude community.




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