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This FAQ is still under construction. Please leave a comment below if you do not see your question listed here.


Communities FAQ

How do I create a community?

You may visit our step-by-step tutorial on setting up a community here.

What can I do once I create a community?

    Banner image/site image/section images

            By clicking on this image -   - you can upload a banner image for the community. The optimal size for banners is 700x150.

    Creating sections

You must create at least one section for posts and image sets to be visable. Sections are where you will “store” your entries for easier reference. To create a new sections, go to “all sections” and click this icon -

    Setting the queue

Click on the “view all entries icon” - -  to set the queue. There you will find the queue icon at the top of the page. Setting in the unlocked position - - will open up the queue – meaning all entries will show up immediately without prior approval from the owner/moderators of the community. Setting in the locked postion -  -  will subject all entries to approval by the owner/moderators. Owner and moderators ALWAYS bypass the queue regardless of its’ setting.

How do I add a moderator?

Visit your mod page -  -  and click the “add a new moderator” link.

How do I accept/deny a moderator request?

Moderator requests will come through as messages in your mod page - . Just hit “accept” or “deny” with a small note to the person requesting and they will get the message. If you approve they will see the community under their “my communities” page.

How do I set up my community to accept/not accept moderator requests.

Just click the lock icon -  -  under your mod page - - in order to accept/not accept mod requests.

How do I add a post/image set?

Visit our step-by-step tutorial on how to upload  post HERE.  Visit our step-by-step tutorial on how to upload an image set  HERE.

How do I add a discussion?

Click on the “add a new discussion” link on the community’s home page.

How do I watch a community?

Click on the “watch this community” link on the community’s home page. It will now appear under your “watched communities” page.

How do I add tags?

Visit your tags -  -  page and click on the “add a new tag” link. Tags are how people will search for your community. You may also tag individual posts, images, and image sets.

How do I delete a community?

Click the delete icon -

How do I search for a particular community?

At the top of each page is the search bar. Just enter your search term and select “communities”.


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