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This FAQ is still under construction. Please comment below if you do not see your questions listed here.

 General FAQ

What is Mangatude?

Mangatude was designed to not only allow you to connect up with other manga and anime fans but to also help you trade manga, anime and other related merchandise you no longer want for ones that you do. Check back frequently as we are adding new features all the time.

How do I sign up for Mangatude?

Just click on the join link (either above or here) and fill out our registration form. All we need from you is your name, the nickname you would like to be known as on Mangatude (i.e. MangaLover, etc.), a password, and your address. Don't worry about privacy - we do not sell your email or address to anyone. (See our privacy policy for more information.) Your address is only revealed to a fellow trader once you approve a trade.

What do I do once I'm signed up?

First things first - go to the myPage link and start adding to your account. Once you are in the myPage area you can upload trades, upload avatars (more info here) , edit your profile, add to your wish list, rate fellow members, friend other members, start your own community (tutorial on how to start a community here) , upload posts, disccussion topics and images to existing communities and so on.

How do I add friends?

Two ways - you can either click on the friend link within a trading conversation or use the "add friend" link on that members's profile page. Once that is done, they will receive a notice in their friends area where they can approve or reject you. Once they approve, then both of you will appear in each other's friends page. To remove a friend from your list just click the "remove from your friends list" next to their name.

What is the encyclopedia?

The Mangatude encyclopedia was created in order to have a running database of manga, anime, CDs, etc. This encyclopedia is always a work in progress. As a member of Mangatude you are able to add and edit entries. And don't just stop at traditional releases - Dojinshi and other items are welcomes as well.! Please check to make sure your entry does not already exist before adding to the encyclopedia. You can also use this encyclopedia to quickly populate your wish list, upcoming list, or trade offerings.


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